2016 Australian Tax Calculator

This is the calculator for you if you want an overall estimate of how much you'll owe the ATO or be refunded for the 2015-2016 financial year. We'll base this estimate off of the information you enter, including your total taxable income, total tax withheld, residency status, if you're married or not, if you have any dependent children, if you were covered by a private hospital policy, and more. After answering several tax questions about your specific situation, you will see your refund amount or tax liability change and we'll show you a detailed summary of how we calculated it. All of your information remains anonymous and the tool is completely free to use.

Disclaimer: This tool depicts a basic estimate. Only salary and wages are included as your income. Selecting married or defacto considers that your spouse is earning as much income as you. If you answer Yes to having any dependent children, the calculator adds 1 student child to the generated estimate. Our Advanced Tax Calculator offers a more complete picture of your tax situation which we recommend using if you have the necessary information obtained.