2015 Australian Tax Calculator

Check out our basic calculator if you want an overall estimate of how much you'll owe the ATO or be refunded for the 2014-2015 financial year. This estimate will be based off of the information you enter, from your total income and tax withheld to your residency status and if you're married or not. After completing a few tax questions about your situation, you will see your refund amount or tax liability All of your information remains anonymous and the tool is completely free to use.

Disclaimer: This calculator generates a basic tax estimate. Salary and wages are the sole types included as total income. If you select married or defacto, the tool will default to the assumption that you and your spouse are earning equal income amounts. If you select that you have dependent children, the calculator will assume one student child to the basic estimate. You can choose to use the free Advanced Tax Calculator offering a more complex look at your tax situation. This is recommended if you have already obtained the majority of information you will include on your tax return.